Rains - Parka coat
Rains - Parka coat
Rains - Parka coat

Rains - Parka coat

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The RAINS Parka Coat is our interpretation of the classic M-51 fishtail Parka. Made in the classic light weighted RAINS fabric, with an elegant mat surface makes is comfortable and flexible to wear when being on the move.

- A regular and causal fit,
- Two way water-resistant zipper on the front,
- One frontside chest pocket,

- Rains -
The rainy streets of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, comprised the surroundings from where RAINS was invented. In a combination of the modern city life with all its diversity and colorfulness and the need for practical outerwear, RAINS was established as a new interpretation of the traditional raincoat. Modern people’s need of combining style and function became the foundation. This opened a whole new world of perceiving rainy days as beautiful and inspiring. Originating from this, the mission of RAINS is to inspire and motivate to explore positive outdoor moments in your everyday life - an essential approach to outdoor life in a nation with 121 rainy days each year.

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