MKS MKS Pedals Sylvan Touring (Silver/Silver)

MKS Pedals Sylvan Touring (Silver/Silver)

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Touring pedal from MKS. Double sided, with classic look and superior quality.

  • Thread: 9/16"
  • Size: 94mm x 63mm
  • Fitting toe clip: YES
  • Weight: 391g
  • Pedalling side: Both side

Made in Japan

MKS (Mikashima Industrial)
MKS has concentrated on bicycle products since 1946. Having been producing pedals and straps for such a long time, you would expect them to be getting it right, and they do. Producing some of the best track pedals and the hardest wearing straps available, MKS produce a number of NJS stamped components, a sign of the utmost quality in Japanese gear.

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