tosaryu Tosaryu Hinoki Incense
tosaryu Tosaryu Hinoki Incense
tosaryu Tosaryu Hinoki Incense

Tosaryu Hinoki Incense

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Incense made from Japanese Hinoki (Cypress). The wood is a natural by-product of the forest conservation process and prized in Japan for its scent and anti bacterial properties. Choose from 8 incense sticks with a holder or the 16 incense stick refill. Approximately 20 min burn time. 

About Tosaryu
Established in 1960, Tosaryu is located amidst the mountain ranges of Kochi, Japan. Wood is dried for 3 to 6 months before use which helps maintain the fragrant, oil-rich, and sturdy composition of Hinoki. Using sustainable methods of production they remain devoted to the preservation of the forests and lakes around them.

Material: Hinoki (Cypress) wood
Dimensions (holder): 80 x 30 x 20 mm 

Made in Japan

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