Asano Mokkosho Gardening Set
Asano Mokkosho Gardening Set
Asano Mokkosho Gardening Set
Asano Mokkosho Gardening Set

Gardening Set

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Asano Mokkousho is a specialist garden tool manufacturer based in Tsubame-Sanjo, an area famous for its metal work. All products are designed from experience and from listening to their customers while the tools are produced by craftsmen skilled in metal and wood working. 

Skilled black-smiths make the metal components and the handles are made of 'snow beech' characterised by their thick, straight trunks and white wood

This 'miniature' gardening set is designed for the city dweller and includes:

Petite rake and claw for collecting and plowing. Helps to give plenty of oxygen to the soil. Good for loosening roots when replanting. The unique shape of the tip helps avoid damage the ground.

Root pick useful for loosening the roots when replanting 

Scoop is palm-sized with a small head and short handle to help place soil between plants. Heat treatment makes it functional for digging , scooping, and weeding.

rake 50 w × 190 l × 85 h mm
root pick 28 w × 187 l × 28 h mm
scoop 53 w × 204  l × 25 h mm

Made in Japan 

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