Crankalicious Crankalicious - Crisp Frame 30ml Hybrid Frame Wax

Crankalicious - Crisp Frame 30ml Hybrid Frame Wax

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Once you've got a perfectly clean frame, you want to keep it looking that way. This hybrid wax will impart a durable, glossy shine, whilst filling and masking tiny imperfections. Rain and mud will also find it difficult to stick to the super smooth surface. A great finish and easier to clean next time; what's not to like? And don't be fooled by the small 30ml size. This mini jar will do dozens of layers on a typical frame, and each layer may last 4-6 months before re-application is required.

Apply a thin layer of Crisp Frame using a foam applicator. Allow to cure (perhaps 5-10 minutes or when hazing occurs), then buff with a soft cloth. Adds sheen and fills minor scratches.

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