TAjika TAjika - Scissors Garden, Branch & Root
TAjika TAjika - Scissors Garden, Branch & Root

TAjika - Scissors Garden, Branch & Root

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For four generations, Tajika Haruo has been manufacturing handcrafted scissors and shears in their atelier located in Ono, Japan. Each piece is forged, tempered, shaped and sharpened by a father and son team, using traditional methods of ironworks reminiscent of past Japanese courts. Every specific pair is created to serve a particular purpose in the most functional manner and has been perfected through a dedication to the craft.

Branch&Root shears is a very strong model from their iron series.
Their hand sharpened blade can hold the thick braces and roots in place without slipping and cut them easily.

TAjiKA ~In case, Gardening from TAjiKA on Vimeo.

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