Rains - Poncho
Rains - Poncho
Rains - Poncho
Rains - Poncho
Rains - Poncho

Rains - Poncho

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The PONCHO has a practical and elegant rounded shape, that makes a great cover for the rain and comfortable to wear. Along the sides is button fastenings, making the poncho flexible for all situations. The hood is adjustable, and has a practical cap. The poncho has ventilation holes under the back shield, and is perfect for the fast bike ride through the city.

- A universal fit
- A collar button fastening on the front
- Adjustable hood with a practical cap function
- Button fastenings along both sides to secure air circulation and a flexible closing function
- Air circulation holes under the back shield to ensure ventilation
- All inside seams has been melted with ultrasonic precision welding
- Composition: 50% PU (polyurethane) 50% polyester Weight: 190g /m2, Column pressure: 3000 mm. Fittings: Stainless steel

The rainy streets of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, comprised the surroundings from where RAINS was invented. In a combination of the modern city life with all its diversity and colorfulness and the need for practical outerwear, RAINS was established as a new interpretation of the traditional raincoat. Modern people’s need of combining style and function became the foundation. This opened a whole new world of perceiving rainy days as beautiful and inspiring. Originating from this, the mission of RAINS is to inspire and motivate to explore positive outdoor moments in your everyday life - an essential approach to outdoor life in a nation with 121 rainy days each year.

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